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We understand the importance of maintaining strong connections in the air cargo industry, which is why we offer a range of connection

WCA (World Cargo Alliance), CLN (Cargo Logistics Network), and IATA (International Air Transport Association) are three examples of global networks that connect freight forwarding and logistics companies around the world. These networks provide a range of benefits to member companies, including access to new business opportunities, increased visibility in the market, and enhanced collaboration with other logistics providers.

WCA is one of the largest and most extensive logistics networks in the world, with over 9,500 member offices in 194 countries. CLN is another global logistics network with over 430 member companies in 100 countries. Both WCA and CLN offer a range of benefits to their members, including networking opportunities, training and development programs, and access to a range of business tools and resources.

IATA is a trade association representing over 290 airlines around the world. As a member of IATA, freight forwarders and logistics companies gain access to a range of benefits, including industry insights, regulatory updates, and access to a global network of air transport professionals.

By joining these networks, freight forwarding and logistics companies can expand their reach, access new markets, and build relationships with other industry players. They can also leverage the expertise and resources of other members to enhance their service offerings and provide better solutions to their clients. Overall, the world connection of networks like WCA, CLN, and IATA play an important role in facilitating international trade and logistics.


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Our connection services are designed to help you grow your business and succeed in today's competitive marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Members are selected due to their excellent reputations within the industry, their accreditation by international authorities and have passed a strict entry procedure. Recommendations from existing Members are preferred due to the valuable prior trading experience. However, we also search for suitable companies in vacant locations. Our Recruitment Team bring a huge amount of experience in how to select the right companies who will become active and valuable Members of our organisation.

The two main categories are general and bulk cargo. General cargo is unitized (carried in defined load units), while bulk cargo is loose (carried in any quantity).