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A General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) is a company that acts on behalf of an airline to provide sales and marketing services, as well as cargo handling and management services. GSSAs are responsible for promoting and selling the airline's services to customers, as well as managing the operational aspects of the airline's cargo business. This includes managing the airline's cargo sales, cargo operations, and customer service functions.

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A General Sales Agent (GSA) is similar to a GSSA, but typically focuses solely on sales and marketing services, rather than also providing cargo handling and management services. The GSA is responsible for promoting and selling the airline's services to customers, and may also be involved in negotiating contracts with customers and coordinating the airline's marketing activities.

In both cases, the GSSA or GSA acts as an extension of the airline and represents the airline's interests in a specific geographic region or market. The goal of the GSSA or GSA is to help the airline expand its reach and reach new markets, while also providing customers with local support and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Sales Agent (GSA) is the sales representative of an airline in a specific region or country.
Typically the GSA is responsible for selling all of the airline's products in that region which includes flight tickets and cargo space. A GSA will normally sell the product of more than one airline.
Airlines often use GSAs in areas in or from which they do not operate, allowing them to have a presence when selling in a country at a lower cost than opening their own commercial office in the short term.